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This site is to be dedicated to my late father, Thomas Harvey in loving memory of him from myself, Susan Harvey. He spent the last few years of his life in a passionate quest to search out our family’s roots and history. It gave him a reason to get up every day and this is something that in the last few years of his life that I was able to share with him and it is quickly becoming a passion to me as well. My father was very devoted to his family and friends. He very thoroughly did most of the reasearch contained in these pages and it is my intention to present his research so that others searching for our family members may be helped in their search. It is a truly great feeling to connect with a relative that you never knew you had, and because of my father’s research, we have had the good fortune to meet and get to know new members of our ever growing family. The Internet is a great resource for genealogists to meet and share information. I would like to thank Walter Hampson of the UK, John Bouscher, Jim Harvey (and other Texas Harveys) for their contributions and photos in my dad’s research.

I also would very much like to thank Leanne Wildermuth for all of her help in constructing this blog. Please see her link on my home page. Besides designing beautiful web pages, she is a wonderful artist and photographer and a very fun person to know. Please check out her site – you will not be sorry, especially if you love nature and animals!

Families included within our family will include: HAMPSON, HARVEY, KIMES, LEHMBERG, LINDSAY, NELSON, SAMSON, SESSIONS, STEED, WEAVER.

I welcome comments, questions, advice, constructive criticism, corrections, additions, etc. as I wish to make all of the information contained as accurate as possible and I am always glad to find new friends and family.

This will be an ongoing project and I have many things at this point to add, especially photos and other treasures, so check back often. Be sure to check out the “NEWS” page for update information as I add it.